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We are a united coalition of independent churches across different denominations, networks, and backgrounds. Our main objective is to provide strategic support to church planters and pastors, empowering them to proficiently convey the message of Jesus and connect with diverse communities.

Acts2Network is a Christian network of churches, Pastors, & church leaders that specializes in leadership development, leadership connection, ordination, and church growth strategies. We believe in building meaningful connections with individuals and organizations to further the work of the Gospel. We are passionate about empowering and equipping individuals to lead their communities in spreading the message of love and hope.


We have a vision to help equip churches and leaders to reach their full God-given vision from God with health, integrity, and impact!


We are focused on equipping, inspiring, and resourcing Pastors and church leaders to reach their communities with the love of God to the best of their abilities!


We offer connection opportunities, in person and digitally, for leaders and Pastors to learn from each other, encourage each other, and grow through conferences, digital groups, and regional roundtables. We also offer ordination of those called to ministry to provide covering and resourcing. Lastly we offer leadership development opportunities not only within the U.S. but also El Salvador as we equip a few hundred leaders per month.


We believe in relational leadership. We are structured to provide the best relational connection, growth, and resourcing possible. Everything we do is centered around Christ, His cross, His salvation, and His resurrection. Which also leads us to focus on build deep and healthy relationships with one another as we all grow the Kingdom together.


Connect with each other through digital and

in-person connection opportunities


We want to help leaders be as healthy and integrity driven as possible.


We provide covering and equipping for those that have accepted the call from God to enter ministry.


A place for ordained ministers and member churches to give toward the work of the Acts 2 Network.


Look for upcoming events for you to attend and enjoy with other leaders, just like you!


Find more information about the work of the Acts 2 Network in El Salvador.

Our Team.

Our team is made up of church leaders and Pastors that are actively working in the local church. They work hard to reach their local communities for Jesus while helping the Acts 2 Network members reach their communities as well. We believe by our team being involved in the local church it gives unique insight into the complications, successes, struggles, and celebrations that we all endure in ministry.

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